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Welcome to The Lice Clinic in Northport, Alabama. We are here to provide everyone in the West Alabama area high quality Lice Removal Services.

The Lice Clinic's services are by Appointment Only at this time, so please call us at (205) 409-8000 Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm.


Head lice are rapidly evolving resistance to many traditional pesticide-based control methods which have never been able to kill eggs (nits) effectively and usually require repeated treatments.

The type or length of hair does not impact effectiveness as long as the hair can be combed or picked through with a standard comb. Dead and living lice and eggs may remain in the hair after treatment.

So, for cosmetic reasons, and to help insure that all lice and eggs are removed, The Lice Clinic give clients a complete comb-out with a fine tooth comb after treatment.


A single one-hour treatment is all that is needed to kill head lice and eggs.
No water.
No gooey mess.

The treatment can minimize or even eliminate school and workplace absenteeisn since a child can be returned to school right after the treatment. (Please check relevant policies.)

3-Step Process and Treatments Options



1. Screen
Our certified lice clinicians will thoroughly examine your child's hair and scalp to determine if any lice are present.

2. Diagnose
If lice are detected, our clinician will provide you with a clear explanation of the extent of the infestation.

3. Treatment Options
Depending on the severity of the infestation, our clinician will recommend an appropriate treatment. We have a treatment option to fit each individual and budget. None of our treatments use pesticides or harsh chemicals.


1. Full-Service Treatment
This consists of one treatment lasting about an hour and we guarantee you will leave lice free.

2. Comb-Out Treatment
For clients that have contraindications, or choose not to have a full service treatment; a comb-out can be performed.

3. Do-It-Yourself Treatment
This is the less expensive option but the most time consuming. We provide you with all the topical treatment products you will need along with detailed instructions.

Contact Information

We have no set business hours at this time, but you can reach us by phone between 8am to 5pm - Monday through Saturday. We will see anyone, but we are an APPOINTMENT ONLY establishment. Walkins are not turned away, but since all of our technicians might be busy with other customers you can make an appointment for a later time. So it is always best to call ahead and make an appointment so we can give you 100% attention to your problem.

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